What winter sports have in store

29 June 2018

What winter sports have in store

Gee it’s getting cold. It’s making it harder and harder to muster up the energy for those winter sport weekends. Thank goodness there’s a fine selection of winter sports stores at Albany Mega Centre to get us ready to face the cold each week.

Last Saturday dawned to reveal the lawns covered in frost. Still in my PJs, I popped outside only to be bit hit by a bitterly cold blast. Quickly back indoors for a hot wake-me-up coffee. After the rain the day before, the kids were excited that sport would still be on. I checked the internet, with a secret hope that everything was cancelled. It wasn’t.

Off to soccer first, with my youngest. He looked cold as he ran around but generally happy they were having a good game. My daughter and I, on the side-line, however were cold and also very miserable. The cold penetrated my three layers of clothing, making it difficult to stay warm, no matter how much we moved around. I swear I couldn’t feel my fingers by the end of it!

A quick stop, after the game, for a hot chocolate got us re-heated and ready for my daughter’s netball game. It was a repeat experience of the morning. Maybe it wasn’t as cold, but it was surely just as miserable. Both kids finished the day looking like popsicles.

I got everyone home and showered and we were off again. This time down to Rebel Sports at Albany Mega Centre for a full set of thermals for each of us, new track pants for one child and a new fleecy sweatshirt for the other. We popped in to USA DIRECT for a new padded jacket for me. After the day’s experience, I really needed something thermal-lined.

Up early on Sunday morning for golf. Clear blue skies disguised that same bitterly chill from the day before. The new thermals were a god-send helping keep the cold largely at bay. They didn’t do much to improve me game though, which was really frustrating, because it definitely wasn’t the day for spending time in the long-grass, in the bunker or in the water-hazards. Unfortunately, I did all of those and in some cases more than once.

Back to Albany Mega on the way home, with a quick stop in at The Golf Warehouse for extra balls and tees to replace those lost today.

Can’t say it was the best sporting weekend for me, or the family, but thanks to the great sports stores at the Albany Mega Centre - Rebel Sport, USA Direct and The Golf Warehouse – we are ready to do it all again next weekend.

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