The things you need every day

11 March 2019

The things you need every day

I don’t know about you but it doesn’t matter how much stuff I have, somehow I always need something I don’t have. Every week, I find myself down at the Albany shopping mall looking for something we really need. This week was no exception.

On Tuesday night, I was helping my son tidy up his Lego, after yet another painful moment of stepping on it. And when I say helping, I mean I was picking up Lego while he was building things in the pretence of tiding up. While he was at school on Wednesday I popped down to the Mall and found a fantastic Sistema storage system at Storage Box. Delighted by the find, I told my son all about it when he got home. He didn’t share my excitement which was clearly evident in a second night of me sorting Lego while he played!

Thursday night while making dinner, my daughter tells me that for International Women’s Day tomorrow her class are going dressed in pink. She wants to spray her hair pink. More notice would have been good! Fortunately, the shops open late on Thursdays so we leave the boys to tidy up and head off to Albany Mega. We find a pink coloured hairspray, at a reasonable price, at Pricewise. I also found a good quality shampoo which I suspect we’ll be needing tomorrow night to get that nasty colour out.

Saturday morning and I’ve started prep for this evenings dinner party when the phone rings. My friend Peggy tells me they don’t need to babysit the grandkids now and they can make it to dinner after all. I go into a mad panic thinking about how to stretch the menu, when I realise that I am one plate short in our dinner set. One of the kids broke a plates a few weeks ago – who knows how? I drive down to Briscoes at the Mall. They have an extensive selection of Maxwell Williams dinnerware which means I find exactly what I need. Dinner was a success and no one even guessed the drama involved in getting the night together!

A variation on this story happens every week. Fortunately there is one easy, centrally located place, with lots of parking that means whatever life throws up I know how to deal with it. With 20+ stores, including clothes, homeware, stationery, sports, and gifts, everything I need to get through everyday life is at the Albany Mega Centre.

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