The best of spring shopping!

28 August 2018

The best of spring shopping!

It really felt like spring was here at the Albany Mega Centre last weekend. And spring definitely gets you in the mood for the best shopping experiences.

I popped down to Albany Mega on Saturday to pick up a few things for the house from The Warehouse. As soon as I pulled into the carpark, I could feel a fine weather vibe happening. The carpark was full and the footpaths were heaving with families enjoying the day. I got out of my car and immediately noticed that many of the stores were advertising their new spring stock.

I quickly forgot what I came for and joined the crowds enjoying a great day out. First stop, Cotton On. Their winter collection was heavily discounted to make way for the new spring fashions. I find a couple of hoodies on sale but just couldn’t muster the enthusiasm to buy winter warmers. I put them back and headed to the new stock. I found a very retro Star Wards T-shirt which fitted perfectly. The bubbly - full of the joys of spring - shop assistant tells me, “camo gear is in this spring,” so I examine the many options before deciding to stick with the Han Solo tee.

My next stop was Kathmandu. What I love best about spring is getting outside. I looked for a pair of walking shorts with lots of pockets for car keys, phone, iPod and headphones. I discovered a great pair of black Zeolite Active Shorts. They’re like two shorts in one and feel really good on. While I was trying them on, I spotted a great pair of TEVA walking shoes that just had to come home with me.

My last stop was at Farmers Home. Lots of fresh colours like yellows, oranges and limes, throughout the store put a smile on my face. My wife’s been talking about wanting a new dinner set so I was determined to surprise her with something that screams springtime. I spot the Salt&Pepper Paradiso dinner series and immediately fell in love. It may not be the colours of spring but it has that same calming elegance that I associate with the season.

Sunday was another great spring day. The whole family went for a walk at Long Bay and I got to wear my new T-shirt, shorts and shoes. We grabbed some bread, cheese and condiments and came home to enjoy lunch off the new dinner set.

Thanks Albany Mega, that was the best shopping day since… last spring!

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