Shopping for a Happy Christmas

09 December 2019

Shopping for a Happy Christmas

It’s our first family Christmas together and I’m not afraid to say I’m a little nervous about it. Jane and I started dating in March. Even though it was nearly a year after she separated from her husband, her girls still remain cold towards me. My son on the other hand wouldn’t care who I brought home for Christmas as long as he gets presents! Either way, Albany Mega Centre is the place for Christmas shopping. It has everything you need to make everyone happy.

Jane’s two girls are disappointed their dad is spending Xmas overseas with his new family and have stated more than once that they’d rather spend Xmas alone than be at my place. Jane’s been upset by it and has used all the classic parenting tricks - pleading, emotional blackmail and bribing - to help them come around. They’ve finally, but reluctantly, agreed to come on the condition, "we don’t have to enjoy it!”

I’m determined to make it a good day for Jane and to show the girls that I’m not the monster they make me out to be. I’m going to buy them great Christmas presents that show that I want them to be happy too. Jane gives me a briefing of what they like and I head off down to Albany Mega Centre. First stop, Pricewise, the place with all those amazing brands, at very reasonable prices.

I start with Kaylee the youngest. She’s just turned 12 and desperately wants her own make-up. She’s always stealing make-up from mum and her older sister. I go for Cover Girl lipstick, Revlon mascara and Elizabeth Arden eye shadow (I just hope I have the colours right!). These are all great brands, that even I’ve heard of, and she’ll think I’ve spent lots on her. I also know Kaylee is a massive Katy Perry fan and see they have her latest fragrance on sale so I get this as well. If this doesn’t do the trick, I don’t know what will.

Chloe, who is fifteen, is the most hostile towards me. She is very close to her dad and probably sees me as the reason mum and dad haven’t reconciled (even though dad’s new girlfriend has been around a lot longer!). I decide to get her some really nice perfume. Pricewise is definitely the place for this, with all the top brands. They have Eternity by Calvin Klein. I know Chloe loves this because Jane has it and Chloe often sprays herself with it. Between this and the tickets to the Six60 concert, Jane and I bought her, the freeze towards me should start to thaw.

My son, Kenny, is eight. This is his third Christmas of going back and forth between his two families. He’s worked out that it means double the celebrations and double the presents so he takes it all in his stride. He’s obsessed with Spiderman so buying for him is easy. I go to Look Sharp, a store we often explore together, and find a Spiderman costume, web shooter, colouring in book and sticker set. Together with the Spiderman Lego, Jane and I got him together, he’ll be a very happy.

I’m feeling good about my purchases and feel really pleased with myself. I then remember the girls are bringing their dog, Rufus, and decide he needs something too. I pop into Animates. What a cool place. You can’t help but feel happy seeing all the cute kittens, puppies, rabbits and other animals. I spend ages going through the huge range of dog toys and settle on a duck chew toy. I also get him some roast turkey dog treats for Xmas lunch. Rufus, and the girls, will love these.

It doesn’t matter how difficult and complicated Christmas gets, I know that I can always rely on the Albany Mega Centre. It can’t solve all life’s problems but when it comes to great Christmas shopping, there is something that will make everyone happy.

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