Mega Men’s Fashions

23 July 2018

Mega Men’s Fashions

While my wife’s been reminding me for weeks, it’s only been this week that it’s final hit me – I need new clothes to take away to our work conference next week. Fortunately Albany Mega has a huge selection of men’s fashions and I can buy everything I need in one place.

Our annual sales conference is in Taupo this year. Three days of working, learning, socialising and bonding with colleagues, clients and suppliers. It’s a strange one to pack for because you are doing so many different activities. They are really long days, without too much time between events, so you need clothes that can easily transition from one activity to the next.

I kick my search off at Cotton On. Their really great t-shirt and polo selection offers lots of options that will work equally well for early morning exercise, being comfortable during the conference sessions or at pre-dinner drinks. I really like the quality of the Icon polos so I grab a couple of these and a Tbar long-sleeve top. I find a nice pair of matching semi-dressy State Chino Shorts that will go well with one of the new polos. That’s my outfit for the client golf challenge sorted as well.

I wander down to Hallenstein Brothers. I’ve shopped here all my life and can always trust the quality, and the value for money, they deliver. I like that they cater for the ‘not as young as I wish I was’ guys like me. I find a really great pair of Park Yorke Chinos in Khaki and a really cool graphic t-shirt. I match these with a pair of Absent Bali sneakers.

And then it’s back up to the top of the carpark, where North Beach is located. What a cool store. There’s so many great brands and narrowing it down to just a few things to buy is by far the biggest challenge. I focus on what I need for the evenings. Dinner and drinks with colleagues is casual. But nights with clients are definitely more smart than casual. I find a Quicksilver shirt and then a Federation one. I love them both so I take them both. I top them off with a new pair of dark washed Levi jeans that will work equally well at night as they will in the day. I check out the shoes and find a classic leather boot that will go with my new jeans and the chinos I got earlier.

What a great haul. I drive home feeling satisfied, thinking just how easy it is going to one place to buy everything. I’m sure my wife will be impressed as well. I get home and show her all my purchases. he smiles and says “Sports jacket?” I turn around and go back to my favourite men’s fashion collective – Albany Mega Centre.

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