Everything you need to spring into summer

21 October 2019

Everything you need to spring into summer

Storage systems, bathroom supplies, paint, seedlings and baby gear all in the one place -  it can only be Albany Mega Centre.

I don’t know what it is about Labour Weekend that makes me feel that it’s the start of summer, but it always does. Every year I use the long weekend to plant the summer vegetables, clean and freshen up the house and buy new clothes and furniture. It’s like a fresh new start each year and this year, with our first baby on the way, new beginnings takes a whole new meaning.

Planning for Labour Weekend started three weeks ago when daylight savings came in. I popped down to the Storage Box at the Mega Centre looking for a set of large storage containers. There are so many to choose from and it took the advice of a very helpful shop assistance to decide what to go with. With spring-cleaning on my mind, I noticed some very clever bathroom storage solutions and purchased an excellent bamboo 4-tier A-frame shelf and caddy, big enough for all the stuff we have in the bathroom.

I got home and proceeded to empty out all the cupboards and drawers in the spare room. This will become the baby's room so absolutely everything must go. For too long this has been our junk room where we’ve ‘hidden’ all those clothes we no longer wear and the things we no longer use. The new storage containers are soon full (and heavy) and are moved up to the attic.

I head to the bathroom and go through everything. There is so much clutter: expired pills and creams, gadgets we’ll never use, lotions and beauty products that never worked, half taken weight-loss powders and so much more. I sort through it all for a while and then decide it's best to start again, picking out a couple of things to keep and then tipping everything else into the bin.

In the second weekend of October I drove down to Chemist Warehouse at the Mega Centre. After last weekend, the bathroom was empty and we needed a number of new items to adorn the new shelf. I find some nice soaps, perfume, moisturisers, multi-vitamins and lots more. The selection here is amazing and so are the prices, so I stock up! I chuckle to myself, knowing full well that I’m probably replacing the old clutter with new stuff.

Last weekend - the last one before Labour Weekend - was a busy one. Jessie, my partner, and I focused on painting the baby’s room on Saturday and getting the vegetable garden prepared on Sunday. Fortunately supplies for both activities are good and plenty at The Warehouse, where we got paint brushes, compost, garden mix, fertiliser and whole series of tomato, lettuce, cucumber and strawberry plants.

So Labour Weekend is now only a few days away. The garden is ready to go, and assuming the weather plays ball, we’ll plant everything. By Christmas we’ll be enjoy fresh home-grown garden salads every night. And we’ll head down to the Albany Mega Centre again. This time to The Baby Factory. With the room freshly painted we’ll buy a cot, a change table and a few other furnishings to start getting the room ready. By Monday the room will be ready and no doubt I be left feeling that summer, and the baby, are now truly on the way.

Everything you need (from storage containers to baby beds) for a fresh spring start can be found at the Albany Mega Centre.

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