Convenient everyday living

06 April 2018

Convenient everyday living

Why is it that it doesn’t matter how much stuff you have in the house, something always comes up that needs you to pop out to the shops to get something else?

If it’s not those additional pots, pans, dishes or other home decors you need for that fabulous dinner your planning for friends tonight, it’s the extra sheets, duvets, blankets for family coming to stay for the weekend. Then there's the kids. They’re always needing gifts for parties, new clothes, new sports gear, the latest toys, stuff for school, a new DVD or computer game or some clever new gadget all their friend have.

If you’re anything like me, you’re spending a good part of the weekend online searching for things you need and then running around from place to place to get them all. Add in traffic, parking and travel time and there’s the weekend gone. If only everything was in one easy, centrally located place, with lots of parking. It is.

Albany Mega Centre is right in the heart of Albany, a minute or two off the motorway so super convenient to get to. With 20+ stores including clothes, homeware, stationery, sports, gifts and many more, everything you need is here.

So next time, instead of googling home décor AlbanyNorth Shore gift stores or storage Auckland just come straight down to Albany Mega Centre. You’ll find exactly what you needed for everyday living.  


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