Back to School made easy

13 January 2020

Back to School made easy

We love the summer holidays but by about mid-to-late January the kids and I are all hanging out for school to start again. We get into the spirit of it with a trip to Albany Mega Centre for that essential back to school shopping. When you need so much, having everything in one place makes it really easy.

I know both Tama and Miri are ready for school when you start to hear “What are we going to do today?” Once they’ve watched everything on Netflix and run out of things to do with their friends they start to think about the year ahead. The trick is to seize the momentum at that point and get the back to school shopping done. I pack everyone in the car and we head down to the Mega Centre.

First stop is The Warehouse. I’m really impressed by the range of clothes they have these days. The kids go through them so fast, I refuse to pay big money for things that will get ripped, lost and treated so rough. Both kids go to schools without uniforms so we go through a truckload of t-shirts, shorts, jeans, socks and other basics. Tama chooses t-shirts from the latest Star Wars and super hero ranges as well as plain white and black tees. He’s still young enough not to worry about brands so we can still buy bundles of undies, socks and singlets. I suspect for not too much longer.

The next stop, as we walk up the Mega Centre, is Warehouse Stationery. Here we get books, pens, rulers, erasers, sharpeners, pencil cases and all the other essentials we need for class. There’s a huge selection which means there’s always something that each of the kids likes. Tama needs a new Chromebook and there’s a number to choose from. Miri needs a desk for her bedroom and we find a white kitset one that will go nicely in her room. One store and everything on both kids stationery lists are ticked off. This is way too easy!

Our final stop is Rebel Sport. Miri takes the opportunity to pick up a mix of Adidas and Nike t-shirts and sweats. As a teenager she’s become more aware of brands so Rebel offers a good range of the big names and at good prices. Tama finds the sports shorts and singlets he needs for basketball and athletics so he’s happy. Both the kids need sports shoes and Rebel has one of the best ranges around. We spend a bit more on Miri’s netball shoes but, with Tama’s feet growing so fast, I go for the next level down with his new shoes.

What a day! With two kids there is a lot to buy and that takes time and that takes money. Albany Mega Centre has everything we need so in just over two hours we got it all. And it wasn’t anywhere near as expensive as I thought it would be – with so many options there’s something for every budget. So thank you Albany Mega Centre, with your help the kids and I are now ready to go back to school 2020.

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