Albany’s one-stop home(wares) shopping centre

19 November 2018

Albany’s one-stop home(wares) shopping centre

We’re very house proud so we’re always looking for new ways to decorate our home. Albany Mega offers us a great range of homewares shopping options. The variety, at affordable prices, means we can keeping add new things to keep the place looking modern, fresh and interesting.

While the kids are off doing their own thing in the weekend, my wife and I often look around furniture and homeware stores looking for new nick knacks, and other homeware items, that express our unique style and tastes. Inevitably, we almost always end up at Albany Mega Centre. We love that we can see so much in one pace. There’s always something new and vary rarely do we go home without buying at least one thing.

We often start at the top end with Farmers Home. Last weekend was no exception. With all the spring/summer range out now, there was lots of things we hadn’t seen before. There’s a strong Moroccan and middle eastern influence to the new season’s styles which will go well with many of the things we bought while travelling. We browse excitedly over all the options for over an hour before deciding on a gold tea light holder, a patterned cushion and a jilt throw, all from the [email protected] Marrakesh collection.

The second stop is Bed, Bath & Beyond, the perfect place to create a distinct and vibrant look for the bedroom. We see the Mia reversible quilt and instantly fall in love with the beautiful patchwork design that combines paisley, medallion, and ikat motifs. We also buy a set of plush Turkish ribbed bath towels in the latest season pastel pink and blue colours.

The next stop for this trip is Adairs. They’ve always got a beautiful range of really unique homewares and this time is no exception. I spot an amazing Mercer + Reid Boho antique mirror in a beautiful black mosaic tile finish. It will look fantastic at the end of the hall. My wife’s eyeing up the Home Republic Zambeze Pots, trying to decide whether white or grey would go better in the entrance way. The answer, of course, is one of each.

There are a still more homeware shops we can look at but we can’t wait to get home to set up our new purchases. The lounge, the entrance way and our bedroom now all feel contemporary and fresh. We sit back admiring our handiwork before the conversation turns to the other great homewares we saw and didn’t buy – and the shops we didn’t get to. I think another trip to Albany Mega Centre may be required next weekend!

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