Albany Home Decor Fervor

27 April 2018

Albany Home Decor Fervor

I’ve always loved home decorating. There’s something truly satisfying in expressing your style and the way you like to live through your home decor. But sometimes it’s a passion you can get carried away with.

Last Saturday my wife and I decided we needed a lamp for the corner of the living room so we drove down to Lighting Direct at Albany Mega Centre. With such a great range it wasn't hard finding styles we both liked. The challenge was choosing just one. At one stage we even contemplated buying two. Common sense prevailed and we walked away with a gorgeous table-top Copenhagen lamp.

As we walked around the Mega Centre we noticed a sale on at Noel Leeming so we popped in for "a quick look." We browsed the sound equipment, coffee machines, appliances and computers before the new range of smart TVs took our eye. We spent the next 45 minutes comparing picture and sound quality. There was no escaping without buying and we settled on a 65" Panasonic OLED TV. Fortunately they had it in stock so we took it home with us and I put it on the wall in the lounge that afternoon. Wow, what a picture! What a sound! We settled in for a big night of TV watching.

Half way through the evening my wife remarked that the new TV warranted some quality TV watching furniture. And who was I to argue?

The Mega Centre opened at 10am on Sunday and we were at Farmers Home, trying out new sofas and chairs. We settled on a couple of black Casaroma recliners and arranged to have them delivered. On the way out we noticed a fantastic Marcello & Co side table, perfect for the lamp to sit on, and that came home with us too.

Others may say we're obsessed with home decorating but I blame the shops at the Albany Mega Centre. Their range of great home decor and furniture makes it way too easy to get carried away. So we did.

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